Swimwear Fashion Shoot 2011 - Back to the 70’s

For this year’s fashion shoot we decided to go with a 1970’s theme. We shot on location on “The Seanote” a vintage 70’s yacht. The 60’ Chris Craft Roamer is docked on Lake Minnetonka. The swimwear and accessories also kept with the retro theme. The muted color film look was achieved in post to keep with the overall vintage look.

On last year’s swimwear shoot 2010 at an auto-recycling yard I went with a very stylized and heavily lit look. We used 3000 watt generators and multiple light setups. When I work with a crew I tend to want to light the shoot to give it a distinct look. I considered doing the same for this year’s shoot, but decided to try something different and shoot only with available light and reflectors. This allowed me to shoot at wide-open aperture settings and achieve a very shallow depth of field. Most shots were taken using a 24mm F/1.4 and 24-70mm F/2.8 lens. (I must confess that I did bring some lights onboard just in case I changed my mind, but they never left their cases.)

We used four different types of reflectors and diffusers for the shoot.

-Photoflex LiteDisc Oval Reflector, (White/Silver, 41 x 74")

-Photoflex LiteDisc Circular Reflector, (White/Silver, 42")

-Photek Sunbuster Convertible Umbrella System - 84"

-Lastolite 40x40” reflector.

The wind proved to be a bit of a problem for the large oval reflector (41 x 74"). So we clamped it to the sturdy aluminum frame of my Lastolite diffuser. Problem solved. We only used the silver side of the reflector to bounce the light back into the model.

Links: Swimwear Fashion Shoot 2011 Video

Team Credits: Photographer – Carlos Gonzalez | Model – Ignite Models: Melissa | Art Director – Leslie Plesser | Stylist – Jahna Peloquin | Hair Stylist – Leah Luebbe | Makeup Artist - Ashley Kilcher | Video – McKenna Ewen | Photo assistant - Tony Morimoto | Yacht – Seanote

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