Spring Fashion photo shoot at Target Field

Even with the best team and planning nature still calls the shots. We wanted to shoot the spring fashion issue at the new Target Field and locked in a date. The stadium people were very helpful even though they had been swamped with media requests leading up to the Minnesota Twins home opener. No one can predict April weather in Minnesota so all we could do was hope for the best on our shoot date of April 6 at this new outdoor venue. The weather had been unseasonably sunny and warm leading up to our shoot date, but sure enough we had showers on the 6th. I had to adjust my locations and lighting scenarios from my initial ideas and opted to simplify it down to 1-2 lights per shot.

Follow the links to the story, photo gallery and a behind the scenes video from the shoot. | Photos | | Video |

Team Credits: Photographer – (Me); Model - Ignite Models: Sarah M; Art Director – Leslie Plesser; Stylist – Jahna Peloquin; Hair/Makeup – Kate Erickson; Video – Jenni Pinkley; Assistants – Jerry Holt & Amy Gee.

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