2010 Swimwear / Summer Fashion Photo Shoot

About a week before shooting last year’s 2009 swimwear shoot I got the idea to shoot it at a Junkyard. Unfortunately we were too far along the process to change our location from Cedar Lake. So we sat on the idea and waited to shoot this year’s 2010 Swimwear issue at an auto salvage yard. We chose John’s Auto Parts in Blaine, Minn. When I first got the idea I envisioned stacks of cars in a messy yard but after going out to scout the location we were a bit disappointed. The yard was actually very organized and tidy. I guess a business selling countless amounts of auto parts has to be. The cars were still wrecked which served our purposes.

The day began with a 7:00 call time and we were wrapped up by 2:00pm. I really enjoy the challenge of on location shooting, especially in non-traditional locations. The yard allows people to pick and pull their own parts off of the cars so there were some people wondering around during the shoot. As the day went on it seemed everyone was looking for their auto parts on the back corner of the lot near a broken down delivery van. I guess it was popular vehicle that day. One of the mechanics joked that the boss was complaining about a loss in productivity at the yard because some employees were taking a stroll around the facility that day. I guess it’s not everyday that a model in a swimsuit and heels walks around the yard.

For most of the shots I used a large Chimera softbox for the main light and a backlight with a grid. Dynalite 2000w/s pack(s) were powered by a Honda EU3000is inverter generator. The EU3000 is heavy but I love the key start. It sure beats endless pulling of a cord to fire up. I used a Multi-Cart R12 All-Terrain to move equipment around but unfortunately with debris around the yard a screw made its way into a tire. It wasn’t much fun to move heavy gear around a 20-acre lot of soft dirt with a flat tire. I have since upgraded the cart with No-Flat tires. I wish the cart had just come equipped with them.

We had a great crew (credits and links listed below). Thanks to everyone involved for all your hard work!

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Team Credits: Photographer – Carlos Gonzalez; Model – Ignite Models: Anne Marie; Art Director – Leslie Plesser; Stylist – Alice Sydow; Hair – Charlie Brackney; Makeup - Ashley Kilcher; Video – Matt Gillmer; Photo Assistant – Amy Gee

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