Peter Izmirian has been donating whole blood and platelets since 1986, 77 gallons to date.Portrait made to accompany the last column of Gail Rosenblum.  The Minnesotans who inspired Gail Rosenblum the most. Izmirian never was a rich man, far from it, but the retired courier from Rosemount once had enough money to feel comfortable. Then someone he thought was a friend siphoned it all away. In 2014, Vadnais Heights investment adviser Mark Holt was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing more than $4 million from clients including Izmirian, who believed he had nearly $700,000 under Holt’s management.When his personal nightmare was revealed, Izmirian had just $5,000 left in his checking and savings accounts. He now lives on $936 monthly Social Security checks, from which Medicare takes $122.Yet he never misses an appointment at the blood center.

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