Football to Fashion | 2011 winter fashion shoot

Cover was originally in color.

Fall and winter for me involves shooting football. Most of my time this season has been spent covering the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Gophers, so getting the opportunity to shoot the Winter Fashion issue for was a welcome change of pace.

The Ann Bean Mansion, a B&B in a Victorian mansion located in Stillwater, Minn was chosen as the location for the shoot. Having a set or centralized location for a fashion shoot is helpful since having to move to different locations can cause logistical problems when you are on a tight schedule. We had to be out of the location by 2pm for the proprietors to set up the B&B for the next day’s guests. We set the call time for 7am and went from there. It may sound like plenty of time, however cramming 5 different looks with wardrobe, hair and make-up changes during that time frame was quite a challenge. I had about a 15-minute window to shoot each look.

For my fashion shoots I tend to use multiple light setups, but for this shoot I wanted to try something different. I choose to go with an available light look with the end result to be published in Black & White. After a discussion with the art director she was on board. I knew I could achieve the look I was envisioning simply with reflectors and fast lenses. The 24mm F/1.4 II, 50mm F/1.2, and 85mm F/1.2 II were my lenses of choice for the shoot.

All images were shot at F/1.4 and although I was getting the soft backlight look I initially wanted I felt I needed just a little more pop in some areas. I had an inexpensive Flashpoint LED light in my bag and it was enough to do the trick. I mounted it to a magic arm, which was helpful to the assistant in some of the tight spaces we were working in.

Assistant holding LED light on a magic arm and using a large reflector (silver side).

The combination of a reflector, available, and LED light helped achieve a Film Noir type look.

There are many ways to approach a fashion shoot. Sometimes it may require elaborate lighting setups or just some reflectors and a $35 plastic led light. The key is to have an idea and execute it the best you can to achieve the desired end result.

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Team Credits: Photographer: Carlos Gonzalez | Models - Ignite Models: Elle & Alexander | Art Director: Leslie Plesser | Stylist: Jahna Peloquin | Hair Stylist: Leah Luebbe | Makeup Artist: Ashley Kilcher | Photo assistant: Heather Byington

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