Changing it up – Hopkins Basketball - Joe Coleman

- I would love to be able to shoot basketball players in an outdoor setting and lighting it to get a cool urban look, but by the time basketball season starts in Minnesota there is snow on the ground. I recently photographed Hopkins standout Joe Colman for ESPN RISE. Because of the weather I had to shoot indoors in High School gym. The challenge becomes making a practice gym look interesting.

We arrived and began setting a multiple grid light setup to help drop out the distracting backgrounds of the small gym. I took a little walk around and saw a rolling aluminum door next to the cafeteria. I thought the reflective aluminum of the rolling door would look great if lit by a ring light. I then had my photo assistant Tim Olson go back to the truck and get the ring light for the shot.

The ring light shot ended up being used for the cover. While it is always a good idea to have a light setup in mind for a shoot don’t be afraid to deviate from the initial setup when you get to a location and get another idea.

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