70th College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) Contest

I recently had the privilege to be a judge for the 70th College Photographer of the Year photo contest held at the University of Missouri.

11,500 still photographs, 448 picture stories and 78 portfolios were entered by 560 student photographers from 122 colleges and universities in 24 countries. We spent about 50 hours of judging over 4-days including time for breaks and lunch to select the winners in this year’s CPOY contest.

The winner of CPOY gets an internship at National Geographic Magazine.

Thanks to CPOY Director Rita Reed for asking me to part of the panel of judges alongside the esteemed Maggie Steber and Mary Vignoles. We saw a lot of amazing work. I’d like to acknowledge all the students who entered and congratulate the winners. Also a big thank you to all the students, volunteers and faculty at the University of Missouri journalism school. They do a tremendous amount of work to produce the contest, which was made even more complicated by the national news events the transpired on campus that week leading to the resignation of the University’s President.

The winning images can be seen here: CPOY 70


A photo needed a single vote by one of the three judges to advance out of the first round. After the first round the “In” photos were viewed then the “Outs”. A photo in the “Outs” could be pulled back in for consideration by a judge. Some photos that were initially voted out did make it back and even placed on a few occasions. Two votes were needed for a photo to advance in the later rounds but could be kept by a judge for consideration. The winning images had to be nominated by a judge for its placement and voted on by two judges to receive that award.

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